How to properly use a penis pump?

Dissatisfaction with the size of the penis can be a serious obstacle to building a man's personal life. "Thanks" to this, he is often in a state of constant stress and self-doubt. In terms of penis enlargement, good reviews can be found in relation to pumps.

penis pump

types and functions

Despite external differences, the mechanism of action of the pumps is quite similar. With the help of a vacuum, each device creates a negative pressure environment that leads to active pumping of blood along the pressure gradient into the penis. Filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood increases its size by a few centimeters. The number of cm by which the "growth" of the organ occurs depends on many factors: tissue plasticity, man's age and anatomical features. Therefore, it is not always possible to predict the result of use.

Classification of pumps according to the mechanism of penis enlargement:

  • Manual. The advantage of manual devices is low cost. The disadvantage of the device, according to men, is the need to manually create a vacuum.
  • electric. The operation of the device is much easier. The device creates a vacuum using electrical energy. Administration - push button. As disadvantages men give the price.
  • Water. A new device, insufficiently tested by the domestic consumer. Manufacturers claim that the device is easy to use and safe, while its effectiveness in terms of penis enlargement is not inferior to "classic" models.

There are subspecies of devices that allow you to enlarge the penis. For example, it only affects the upper part of the penis. The effectiveness of such a device is questioned, since it is not entirely clear how the vacuum is created, whether the tissue of the penis is pinched, and whether the mechanism of action is sufficiently safe.

Latest news

New product review takes more than a page of printed text. So, let's focus on the most popular devices that you need to buy over the network or in sex shops:

  • electrical appliance. In addition to increasing the pump, according to the instructions, the pump can bring real pleasure to the user through vibrating vibrations. Sold with remote control. A tight seal makes it possible for the device to be absolutely tight. In order to avoid injuries to the organ, the manufacturer equipped the device for the penis with a valve that relieves excessive loads.
  • Manual pump. The very low price is positive. A simple vacuum pump, judging by the description, not only adds a few centimeters to the penis, but also leads to a stronger erection and relieves sexual impotence.
  • Hydraulic vacuum device. The manufacturer promises efficiency even in the most hopeless cases. The device works due to a hydraulic vacuum application; a special rubber ribbing attached to the base helps pump water into the device. According to the instructions, the device helps to enlarge the penis of men who have already lost sexual health. Those are the words in the description.
  • pear pump. Comfort and simplicity - this is the slogan that characterizes the product. In terms of its mechanism of action, the pump belongs to conventional hand-held devices that are equipped with a vacuum ball for sucking in air.
  • vacuum pump. Reviews say that the advantage is the air release valve built into the pump itself, which eliminates its breakdown, the large diameter of the device, the measuring ruler on the device, which allows you to record the results. Among the shortcomings: a powerful suction. Some men do not like a rubber ring that tightens the skin a little, so an additional purchase of a nozzle made of comfortable material (leather, synthetic leather) is required.
  • Pump to impact the glans. It has a practical adjustment device consisting of 2 buttons. Easy to use. The pump deflects a few inches and helps a man enjoy himself. The size of the device is only 10 cm and the diameter is 5 cm.

Choosing a pump is a responsible matter. Some men may not get lucky the first time, so don't buy the most expensive device right away. It is better to try the device at a bargain price, and then when the result in terms of penis enlargement is satisfactory, it will be more difficult to buy a novelty.

type of application

The way of application largely depends on the characteristics of the device. First of all, we present the general rules for the operation of pumps. General instructions for use:

  • The pump needs to be cleaned. The device must be washed under warm running water with detergents that do not damage the pump material. Use boiling water, chemicals are forbidden.
  • Throwing, hitting, crushing the product is prohibited!
  • Store pumps in a place protected from direct sunlight, storage temperature - no more than 35 degrees.

Further recommendations relate to the use of vacuum pumps. Before putting on the pump, the product or the skin of the penis must be treated with a special lubricant. The use of oil and improvised means is unacceptable. It is preferable to use a fat-based lubricant. On the penis itself, in addition to lubrication, you can apply a cream to grow and better stretch the tissues of the penis.

Next, a limb is inserted into the device and begins pumping air. By pumping out the air, a negative pressure is created inside and blood flows into the penis along the pressure gradient. The device must be held with one free hand while the second is used to pump the pear. Caution: If the air does not pump out, check the valve. It must be closed!

You need to "work" until there is a slight reddening of the penis and a feeling of intoxication (erection). The vacuum is held for up to 30 seconds. When using the pump, there should be no pronounced pain, bruising and pain. After 30 seconds, the valve opens and air enters the pump. The next "approach" is carried out after the disappearance of an erection. One intervention with the device lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.

The first time you need to use the tool 1 time in 2 days and then daily for 2 weeks. It is better to do the procedure for 1-2 hours before bedtime. The initial exposure time should not be more than 1 minute, from the 3rd week you can increase this to 2 minutes. An erection ring worn at the base of the penis may be used in parallel with the pump. The device delays the outflow of blood and helps maintain an erection longer.

Electric ones are used in a similar way, except that the device independently pumps air at the touch of a button. There are differences in the operation of hydraulic pumps. It is better to do the procedure in the shower or bathroom. First, the device is filled with water and pressed firmly against the body. At the same time, the man can also be in the bathtub himself and partially immerse the penis in water. Then use both hands to gently press the pump several times so that the water leaves the device through the valve and a vacuum is created.

Also, the man is advised to just relax and lie down for 1-2 minutes. Operating conditions as with vacuum hand pumps: no pronounced complaints! After the specified time, you need to relieve the pressure, remove the device and massage the penis for about 30 seconds. You can perform actions three times a day for 15 minutes.


Contraindications to the use of pumps can be absolute and relative. The absolute are:

  • diabetes mellitus.
  • Serious diseases of the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system.
  • Phimosis, paraphimosis, similar diseases of the foreskin of the penis.
  • Blood disorders, especially those associated with an increased risk of bruising and bleeding.
  • Anomalies in the anatomical development of the penis.
  • Increased tendency to thrombosis.
  • hernia.

Relative contraindications are damage to the skin of the penis and glans, as well as skin diseases. You can not do the procedure for sexually transmitted infections.

plus and minus

An undisputed advantage of the application is penis enlargement without complex surgery, which is usually followed by a long recovery phase. The procedure does not require a man to be disconnected from daily activities: it is enough to devote literally 15-20 minutes of your personal time to care. Another advantage is that you don't have to visit a doctor because you can order a pump anonymously over the Internet. Although this situation can be dangerous if a man has at least one contraindication that only a specialist can know about. In such a situation, penis enlargement with pumps can lead to serious complications.

Disadvantages and complications:

  • bruising and pain. A limb can be damaged like any other organ. By the way, there is even a medical term like penile fracture, which occurs when an organ is injured by physical impact.
  • Swelling of the penis (probably associated with stagnation of blood and formation of a subcutaneous hematoma).
  • Among the shortcomings, many men distinguish the instability of the action: as soon as the erection disappears, the penis regains its former size.

Having analyzed all of the above and reading the opinions of experts, we can conclude that the effectiveness of the procedure largely depends on the individual characteristics of the man. It is impossible to predict in advance the extensibility of the tissues of the penis, as well as other important characteristics. In any case, the pump will diversify your own sex life, give you new sensations and, perhaps, give you a new look at your body's capabilities.