Penis enlargement: working methods, proven methods

The main male organ is rarely too big: more than half of men would like to enlarge their penis. Even if the penis corresponds to the medical standard, sovereignly spending 13-17 cm on the "riser" is certainly not the ultimate dream! Not for a man, not for a partner.

By default, when it comes to size, they mean length during an erection. It is measured with a ruler or tape measure - from the pubic bone to the top of the head. If the length is more than 7 cm, it's no longer a "micropenis. " But it's too early to congratulate themselves, because they don't consider the 17 cm penis to be the largest.

Radical solution - surgery

When it comes to getting taller, the first thing men think of is surgery. Modern medicine offers several types of operations:

  • Cutting the ligament that holds part of the torso in the body helps gain 1-2 centimeters of extra length;
  • In order to increase the length and thickness, the patient's own fat is injected into the shaft of the penis;
  • A collagen matrix is installed, thanks to which connective tissue in a man actively grows for half a year - the matrix is absorbed at the same time, only sex is completely contraindicated;
  • Hyaluronic acid is injected - this method, which used to be widely used, is now considered outdated, especially since the procedure has to be repeated regularly.
A man examines a penis and wants to enlarge it

Negative aspects of any operation: fear, pain, long rehabilitation with abstinence. Still - the prospect of a "bonus" to get a curvature of the penis or even impotence. Of course, it depends on how proven the clinic is, how straight the surgeon's hands are, but it's still dangerous.

The good news is that you don't have to risk the "aggregate": there are many ways to enlarge your penis at home. Bad news. . . There's no bad news, but there's one important point: you must use the method carefullychoose to avoid hurting yourself and wasting money.

What to do: working methods for penis enlargement without surgery

The growth of the phallus should not be confused with an erection. The visible penis naturally looks larger when erect.

But only because of the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies. Working methods that allow you to really enlarge your penis give permanent enlargement.

Simply put, they increase the genital organ forever - it grows larger both with a "riser" and in a calm state.

Do not believe the ads from the series "received +5 cm in a month. "Non-surgical penis enlargement methods do not work so quickly: you need to spend at least six months on them. The results are not heavenly either: the penis becomes two, three, at most four centimeters longer. But actually it's quite a lot. And yet - it works, money does not fly away.

Jelqing: for masters of self-discipline

Not only grandfather's method, but also great-grandfather's method of penis enlargement. Really works. No need to spend money. No surgery required. No dangerous hormones. It seems that what could go wrong?

Spoilers: you'll have to put in a lot (a lot) of time and effort. Therefore, it is really only suitable for those who have attained enlightenment and attained patience in Zen Buddhism.

Jelqing is a special massage of the penis. There are no special secrets. All you need to do is half an hour, an hour every day, and it is better to massage the phallus longer according to the instructions.

Disadvantages, which can even be considered as disadvantages:

  • It takes a lot of time and effort, along with training at the gym;
  • Suitable for home conditions only for those living alone;
  • If you move incorrectly, there is a risk of injuring the penis.

You can really increase the size. If of course everything is done right. And if you don't get tired of killing a few hours every day.

Homemade hanging weights

A method that rivals jelqing in ancient times. The essence is also very simple: In order for the sex organ to grow larger, it is gradually stretched with the help of a weight. They did it in prehistoric times. Today's technique at home looks something like this: a band-aid is glued near the head and a string is attached, from which the load is hung and then held for the right amount of time. You start with about half an hour, then increase the weight and time.

Cavernous bodies, ligaments of the penis are really stretched. But there are a few disadvantages:

  • If it is not enough to warm up the penis with a massage, then the method will not bring any benefit;
  • If you iterate by weight or duration, the member will be stretched instead of increasing.
  • There is a high risk of "earning" side effects - from pain and discomfort to a deterioration in potency.

In general, the method works, but it is not very suitable for those who still want to protect their dignity and keep it in a healthy state without risking it again.

Extenders are better than any weights

Doing "homemade" is no longer necessary in our time. Because the principle of mechanical stress in itself is the right thing for penis enlargement. It is only important to apply this principle correctly. The makers of extenders have made this their own - devices, with which you can increase the length and at the same time increase the girth in a relatively short time.

What happened to the developers of the extender? There are several advantages compared to a self-made suspension system:

  • It's much easier to use the mechanism, you don't have to be crafty with something with a patch and string;
  • It is easier to regulate the load on the penis - the risk of overdoing it, stretching is reduced to zero;
  • A minimum of time and effort is spent - those who have already mastered jelqing and are tired of it will appreciate the extender twice.

At the same time, in a few months, the sex organ really gets a few centimeters longer and slightly thickens. The procedure was tested by invited volunteers - they confirmed that it works.

Sexual enhancers and other aids

Libido isn't always ideal, not for everyone. Age, stress, fatigue and much more have a negative effect. That is why there are so many means that improve potency. It is important to understand in which cases the "climber" also contributes to an increase in length.

Lubricants, lubricants to improve sex life

Types of compositions sold:

  • Quick action - you need to use it immediately before sex, so that the erection becomes stronger and stronger, the sexual organ itself as a result looks larger, but in fact remains the same;
  • Warming - normalizes blood circulation, helps fight blood stasis, warms up the penis, can be used as an aid when jelqing and wearing an extender.

Before using any lubricant, you need to read its composition. Sometimes there is an allergy, there is an individual intolerance to the components.

But advertising gels promising intense all-night sex and effortless penis enlargement is not credible. To date, there are no "magic" ointments that are sufficient to be rubbed into the skin of the penis to make it grow on its own.

Pills, dietary supplements, hormone preparations

The most important thing to remember is that no drug, no dietary supplement will make the body bigger. It is better not to self-medicate at all and take any medication only as directed by a doctor, including dietary supplements.

This does not mean that medications and supplements are generally useless. For example, you are able to:

  • Normalize blood flow, overcome congestion, improve blood supply to the penis;
  • Provide the body with vitamins and trace elements so that there are no problems with erection and with sex in general;
  • For the prevention and treatment of male diseases, due to which, among other things, problems in sex life appear.

In any case, you need to carefully read the instructions: what about the dosage, contraindications, side effects. If you overdo it, even the most useful pill will be harmful.

As with lubricants, it is not worth believing stories about "magic" capsules that provide an increase of several centimeters per month. It just doesn't happen that way. But some pills can help to increase in size and create good growth conditions. If your body lacks the necessary elements or vitamins, growth can be very slow. An example of such elements is L-arginine, this is a protein building block that is simply necessary for growth. Dietary supplements with arginine, vitamin complexes - it is advisable to include them in your diet if you are serious about increasing.

Hormones are a different story. For penis enlargement, they are prescribed only to adolescents or with the "micropenis" syndrome. When erect, it is less than 7 cm. For everyone who has already passed puberty and has a penis of 8 cm or more, taking hormones is not only useless, but also harmful - not a single ordinary doctor will prescribe them for enlargement.

Pumps - why it's important to use them wisely

Another useful invention is a pump, with the help of which a powerful "riser" is obtained in a few minutes. Such a device has several advantages:

  • The effect is achieved without medical effects on the body due to the vacuum, so there are no side effects like drugs.
  • Enhancement of erection inevitably occurs, the pump also works with impotence, because there is no reception against vacuum, almost as against scrap;
  • The penis gets better blood flow, the sensations are brighter, the sex is stronger, there are more emotions, and the effect lasts at least half an hour.

You must use the pump according to the instructions without overdoing it. Doctors recommend warming up the penis with a light massage before use. This is necessary in order not to injure the vessels.

There is also a new version of the pump, in which the penis is not stretched with the help of a vacuum, but with the help of water. These are hydropumps for the penis where only warm water comes into contact with the skin. Therefore, the hydro pump does not damage the skin and does not cause swelling of the penis. If you practice with a hydro pump for several months, you can increase the circumference by a few centimeters. The pump well complements techniques that work primarily for length - extenders, manual stretching, and hanging. A variety of loads will help accelerate growth.

Do soda and other folk remedies work

Looking for ways to increase penis, you can find "one hundred percent working" options from people who call themselves traditional healers, healers. It's always better to be on the safe side and see a urologist. Sometimes the price of a mistake is well-being, health or even life.

Sometimes "traditional medicine" really works. However, it is still better to treat the instructions as "trust but check".

herbal infusions, baths

Chinese medicine is often mentioned, but not limited to. Among the plants there are dozens, hundreds of varieties used for medicinal purposes. Sometimes fresh, but more often dried: they brew, drink, bathe, rub the skin.

Like dietary supplements, plants can be beneficial. Many of them:

  • help in the fight against diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • They normalize blood supply, improve blood circulation - and this is important for a member like nothing else;
  • They relieve stress, anxiety, balance mood and make sex life richer.

In any case, these are auxiliary effects. Herbs alone do not contribute to enhancing male dignity. And self-medication can be harmful if you overdo it with portions and don't check for allergies first.

Honey, soda, asterisks, other substances

Common sense has not been overturned. If there really was a publicly available, safe, and cheap way to effortlessly enlarge your penis, all the extender and pump sellers would have gone bankrupt long ago. And surgeons doing surgeries would lose clients.

The Internet is full of recipes whose authors promise lengthening, for example:

  • Take honey in a certain dosage (from a tablespoon per day) separately, dissolved in water or mixed with walnuts;
  • Chew propolis, perga (pollen processed by bees), beeswax, bee milk, and other bee by-products;
  • use apitherapy (a painful procedure during which bees sting the skin of the penis, and their venom dilates blood vessels);
  • Drink a glass of water a day with a tablespoon of soda dissolved in it (possible negative effects on the gastrointestinal tract);
  • Organize soda baths for the genitals (one teaspoon per 200 ml of water) every day in the morning and evening, and you do not need to wash off the mixture, but wait until it dries.
  • Likewise, a member is offered to rub himself in the morning and evening with a solution of essential oils, toothpaste with menthol, the legendary star balm (by the way, its main components are menthol and essential oils).

Such instructions must be considered individually. It's definitely better not to experiment with some if they suggest making baths out of soda or exposing yourself to bee stings, for example. This is not about real penis enlargement. The phallus is only temporarily stretched by the inflow of blood, ie it does not lengthen but is injured.

Some options give really useful effects. Honey, for example, improves immunity, and propolis reduces the risk of developing urological diseases. Only the penis does not grow as a result, does not even get a taste for it. And side effects can be found in any of the "folk recipes", so you need to be careful with them.

Does masturbation help?

And that would be absolutely perfect. It would only remain to regularly "play tricks" with yourself alone, to relax, to have fun.

However, will this help make the "aggregate" bigger, thicker and longer? In short: no, it won't.

Even the notorious jelqing is not masturbation, but a massage. Yes, there really is a difference. Massage practice implies that a man does not bring himself to a 100% erection, and even more so to a "burst". With jelqing, the penis is heated to a "slightly elevated" state. Already then they massage, stretch the load for an hour, preferably two. Thanks to this prolonged exposure, the penis "trains" and grows.

Jelqing isn't much fun, on the contrary: it's long and tiring. Masturbation is all about getting yourself to the finale because that's how you got more pleasure. Some arrange for themselves a "blitz" using a few free minutes. Someone, on the other hand, is trying to prolong the pleasure. But neither in the first nor in the second case will not work to increase the size of your penis. Even if every day, albeit several times a day, the maximum will be able to rub the skin with too diligent effort.

However, sexual activity is clearly more useful than its absence. Someone does not accept masturbation, although this rarely happens. Most of the time it complements or replaces sex. Keeping fit in this way, sometimes even exercising, is normal. But the effect of the "training" cannot be compared to either the extender or other methods.

Cheating methods that don't work at all

So-called amulets, conspiracies and other "magic" can be undeniably attributed to fraudulent ones. The authors of such "methods" offer penis enlargement (not for nothing, of course) with the help of "magic" objects, certain rites or rituals. Such proposals should not be taken seriously:

  • Any "magic" in itself is antiscientific, and the effect on the body with its help is impossible;
  • No such "method" stands up to practice, there is not a single confirmatory medical study;
  • Advertising is based on psychological manipulation, but also on human laziness - supposedly results can be achieved without effort.

Sometimes under such ads there are even comments with ratings and thanks from the guys. Of course, this is all habit and not real.

Conclusion: Increasing the size of the member at home is real

A few key points to keep in mind:

  • Surgery is not the only way. When surgeons suddenly claim the opposite, it is logical: their main goal is to attract new customers;
  • Some methods work but have disadvantages. For example, jelqing requires self-discipline, takes a lot of time, and homemade weights carry a high risk of injury;
  • The most effective are proven, certified devices, especially extenders and pumps. Buy the device once, then use it according to the instructions - the effect will definitely be;
  • Lubricants, lubricants, pills, dietary supplements - all of these sometimes act as a "nice bonus", improving sex life. It is also possible to accelerate the growth of the penis - but only provided that a working technique is already used.

But hormones are clearly not the option to resort to. With their help, only the "micropenis" in children and adolescents is treated. For sexually mature men, adult men, this will not help, only harm.

Caution should also be exercised with "folk medicine". Some remedies are useful, although a member of them still does not grow. Sometimes allergies make themselves felt, especially if you overdo it with the dosage.

If you use real, working methods, the member really "grows up". Sex becomes more pleasant, self-confidence increases and breathtaking orgasms await women - appreciation and gratitude, of course, are not long in coming.